You are in a unique position to generate more revenue by migrating customers to a digital platform for network automation, assurance, & security....

There Are New Priorities for a Digital Organization

Business requirements to succeed in the digital age:

Cisco® Digital Network Architecture (DNA)

Cisco ONE Simplifies DNA Software Purchasing

Cisco Icebreaker Report

Do you know what is hidden in your install base?

Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) is the platform and Comstor is your partner to make this your most profitable business. 

Transform Processes & Business Models

Faster Innovations & Time to Market

Mobile traffic will exceed wired traffic by 2017

IoT Devices will triple by 2020

Faster Innovations

Helps meet those requirements and deliver real business benefits to your customers.


It is an open, software-driven, services-centric network architecture delivering real-time insights and personalised experiences, automation and assurance, and security and compliance.


Providing your customers with:

  • Greater Business Agility – 85% Faster Network Services Provisioning1
  • Lower Costs – 79% Reduced Network Installation Costs2
  • Investment Protection – 2x Software value vs. ala-carte with license portability3
  • Reduced Risk – 99.2% Breach Protection4
  • Resource Optimization – 80% Energy savings & reduced building maintenance cost5


  1. Based on IWAN App -Estimate based on workflow changing from 900 CLI lines to 10 GUI clicks.
  2. PnP App -Based on average installation cost for SWM, Rolls Royce Engines and Kaiser Permanente installation costs.
  3. Cisco ONE Software Buying Model for Access and WAN Based on Cisco Threat Centric Infrastructure Study, 2015
  4. Based on Cisco Threat Centric Infrastructure Study, 2015
  5. Cisco Energy Management Solution with Philips LED Systems


With Cisco DNA you can become the trusted advisor for your customers’ digital transformation, make the best-in-class IT services simple to them, and further expand your services practice with customised services offering.


Take advantage of the Digital Transformation and get ahead of the competition, complete the form below to begin your digital transformation journey.

  1. Select Software Capabilities - Cisco ONE Foundation, Advanced Application, Advanced Security
  2. Select Platform:
    1. Physical | Virtual
    2. Wireless | Switching | Routing
  3. Select Purchasing Model:
    1. Traditional
    2. Subscription
    3. Enterprise Agreement

The Cisco Icebreaker Program shows you the opportunity to cover the uncovered.


Get intelligent insight into your customers install base helping you grow your Cisco business. Use the report to reduce contract administration, gain unparalleled levels of visibility, and find new opportunities.

The Icebreaker Report gives you visibility on your Cisco devices and helps you unlock the hidden potential in your customer's installed base.


With the Cisco Icebreaker report you can help your customers to:

  • Reduce Costs
    • By analysing how many contracts they have and their end dates.
    • Helping them save substantially in energy by utilising the Energy Management Suite to reduce their consumption and costs.
  • Mitigate risk
    • Making sure they have the right level of service coverage for their network
  • Cover the uncovered
    • When things go wrong, you need to make sure they have the right support level in place.
    • Incorrect services information or no support coverage, causes confusion, delays and ultimately financial loss. It also damages your reputation.


Utilise WHIP discounts

Extra 4% discount on top of OIP and TIP on customers that have spent 10,000 USD NET or less on purchases of Cisco products within the last three years.


Contact your Comstor Account Manager for details

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Empower Workforce & Efficiency and Innovation

Increased Productivity, Better Retention

Reduce cost & complexity

75% of companies planning to or investing in Big Data

Personalize Customer/ Citizen Experience

Increased Loyalty, Greater Insight

80% of companies will primarily use SaaS by 2018

Lower Risk

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