Cisco Nexus 9000 SERIES Switches

A platform builT for AN AUTOMATED


Cisco Nexus 9000 Series

The Next-Generation Automated Data Center Switching Platform

Help your customers upgrade their data center switching access layer to 10-Gbps connectivity

so they can support more powerful applications and workloads.



Great price point

Make the transition to 10-Gbps connectivity at a very competitive price with an innovative and complete portfolio.


USE THE SEEDIT/FIRST BUYER Program when your end-customer is buying Nexus 9000 switches for the first time!


Help IT environments transition from human-led network operations with CLI commands to automated network operations with network automation as POAP and programming capabilities as REST and JSON.


Read more about programmability.


Customers gain greater performance, scalability, and visibility plus on-device programmability.


Customers can use the proven NX-OS feature set, enabling easy integration with no need to learn new processes.


Future proof


Nexus 9000 Series Switches are future proof as they support both NX-OS and ACI-mode. Install Nexus 9300 series today with NX-OS and when ready, upgrade to Cisco's next generation SDN: Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)

Comstor Nexus Guide

The Cisco Nexus Data Center Access Switching portfolio provides highly scalable, flexible and

easy to manage solution serving various customer needs, from small to large Data centers.

As the portfolio is quite big, we've build an easy-to-navigate Nexus Guide.

Info: This guide will be updated very soon, including new models and up to date information.

Data Center Market Trends

Build the Next-Generation Automated Data Center

Data Center switching requirements are much different today from the past when Cisco Catalyst switches were put in place.

Organizations are dealing with more mobile devices, requirements for a lot more bandwidth,

and new and different types of traffic patterns with the new breed of applications that are coming on to the network.

The Nexus 9000 SERIES is a perfect PLATFORM to address thESE changes in the Data Center.

Global DC Taffic

Global data center IP traffic

will nearly triple over

the next 5 years.

Workload in the cloud


10 GbE Ethernet Is Default

 Server Connectivity




The estimated annual cost of cybercrime to the global economy

is up to $575 billion in losses.

Faster CPU input-output is driving

10 Gigabit Ethernet as

the default server connectivity.

 By 2018, more than three-quarters of workloads will be processed

by cloud data centers.

78% of those surveyed say that the network is more critical to delivering applications than 1 year ago.

Workloads per physical server

for cloud data centers

will grow to 7.5 by 2018.


You need to quote Nexus, UCS, MDS and/or ACI - where do you start?
Promotions are key in this competitive Data Center market

so make sure your use of the best promotional offer in each scenario.


Comstor has build an easy-to-use cheat sheet so you have the most important DC promo's at one place.

Comstor Services

Borderless expertise - Limitless potential

Comstor Services help to develop opportunities that deliver greater strategic insight,

richer margin and longer-term customer engagements through our decades of experience and

unique in-house skillsets of engineers, support desks, certifications and global delivery models

Support Services

Comstor are experts in Cisco Smart Services – both Smart Net and Smart Care. What sets us apart is the layer of expertise that we add to these Cisco services.


We combine our knowledge of the Cisco architectures as well as our expert engineering and support teams, and offer services that wrap around and complement the Cisco ecosystem.

Professional Services

Our services provide you with access to high-level specialist skills aimed to extend your geographic reach and capabilities across all Cisco architectures without the need for capital investment in resource or skilling up.


This means you only pay for the services you need, when you need them.

Education Services

Comstor can provide training focused on Cisco product launches, sales force and channel enablement among many things and all of which includes solution and executive selling, certifications, and associate skills development.





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